About Us

Who We Are

Company Director Garry Boon established PCG Solutions in 1993 and since then Garry and his teams have provided Management Services for many organisations from a wide variety of Business Sectors across New Zealand.

PCG Solutions is a small company with values based around very close and professional relationships with our clients.  Each of our clients is unique and this is what makes the work we do with each customer so different and so satisfying.

We are based in Auckland, although our customers are located around New Zealand. Our network of specialist resources throughout New Zealand is comprehensive and we often work with these other organisations to achieve the best possible solutions for our clients.

What We Do

Our services could be categorised into these broad categories;

  • Professional Business and Project Management Services for clients requiring support in delivering construction or internal business improvement projects.
  • General support and business development advice for  companies in the  building and property maintenance sector that are looking to grow and enhance business performance  and deliver a fully professional service to their current and future customers.
  • Facilitation of  Strategic Planning and  Brand Strategy processes for growing  businesses.
  • Contract Management advice and support for building sector head contractors and  specialist  subcontractors.
  • Tendering  advice and  assistance  for  head  contractors  and  subcontractors in the Building and Property Maintenance sectors.
  • Property and Construction Project photography and video recording and and reporting services using high resolution digital SLR camera and drone technology.

Why Choose Us

Our vision is to see the New Zealand Building and Property Maintenance Industries operating in a highly professional and transparent manner.

We believe that :

Professionalism attracts business

Professionalism leads to efficiency gains

More business + greater efficiency = improved profits.

Do your peers and potential customers see your business as a smart and professional organisation that is capable of delivering a first class, high quality and customer focused service?