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Our Contract Management Software Solution

Whether you’re a ‘one man band’ or a growing business with more than 50 trade staff, The Contract Manager is right for your business. Proven and enhanced since 1999, the package was recently described by one of our customers as “Brilliantly Simple”.

The programme allows you to set up all your business contacts, establish tenders for contracts, price simple jobbing work, prepare progress claims, tax invoices and carryout cash book functions including your GST returns.

Current users include:

  • Builders
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Painters
  • Civil / Site Work Contractors
  • Cleaning Contractors
  • Mechanical Engineers

The key functions of The Contract Manager are;

Keeping Contacts

Easy to load contact database to hold details of all your business contacts – Clients, suppliers, associates etc. – anyone you want!

Pricing / tendering for work

Build your own price book with all your prices (labour, materials etc.) and / or import your supplier’s price database for easy use when building up quotes, pricing variations or preparing job invoices.
Easily create and present professionally set out tenders and quotations that can later be converted to a ‘live’ contract.

Managing contract variations

Price, present and manage contract variations in full compliance with the requirements of the Construction Contracts Act 2002.

Preparing Payment Claims

Use The Contract Manager to prepare professional looking payment claims (and Tax invoices) that comply with the Construction Contract Act.

Job Profit Reports

The system allows you to monitor your contract costs against the tendered amount so you can see how your profit expectations on each job are tracking.

Tracking Retentions

Easily calculate and track release of contract ‘retentions’.


The Contract Manager provides a fully reconcilable cashbook that allows you to very simply allocate all your income and costs to your own account codes. You can easily produce professionally set out cashbook reports for your tax accountants at the end of your accounting periods or each month if your prefer.

GST returns

Among the numerous very useful financial reports is the GST return calculator, which is very simple to use.

If that sounds interesting, download your FREE trial version.