Papakura Library and Museum

PCG Solutions role: Client Project Manager / Engineer to the Contract.
Building Owner / Developer: KCL Property
Principal Tenant: Papakura City Council
Contract Value: $7 million
Completion: September 2010

This site is situated in the central retail precinct of Papakura and the project involved structural alterations to an existing building and the fit-out of a new library and museum for the City of Papakura in South Auckland.
The contract between the client and the main construction contractor was a ‘guaranteed maximum price’ (GMP) model with a performance mechanism that allowed for the contractor and client to jointly share any project cost savings made during the construction phase.

Garry was responsible for acting on behalf of the client in the contract relationships with the head GMP contractor and the key tenant (Papakura City Council).

Being a located in an existing building that housed a number of public and local authority service centres including the existing Papakura Library, meant that this project was logistically quite complex to programme and manage. All the existing business operations and building services had to remain operational throughout the 7-month construction period.
The importance of establishing and maintaining open, transparent and responsive relationships between all stakeholders was critical to the success of this project. One of Garry’s key roles as client Project Manager was to ensure that all the parties contributing to the project were kept well informed and that a culture of cooperation and collaboration among all members of the project team was developed early in the project.

The project was completed on time and within budget and to a very high standard of quality.

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