Project Photography Services

Garry Boon of PCG Solutions has worked in the construction industry his whole working life of more than 40 years and has always been a very keen and competent photographer.

Garry is now offering property and construction project photography and associated reporting services using high resolution digital SLR, video and aerial (drone) equipment.

Building Condition Assessment and Reporting:

  • Capture, record and report on building condition (exterior and / or interior).
  • Roof surveys. Our drone can provide great, super clear images of roofs enabling property owners to make more informed decisions about the extent of roofing repairs or replacement.
  • The drone can also be used very cost effectively for viewing and photographing difficult to access situations without the need for scaffolding or ladders when undertaking cladding inspections.

Aerial Site Inspection:

High resolution aerial photograph or video perspective can assist greatly when property development options are being considered.  The quality of video and photos from Garry’s drone is super high, as well as being quick and very cost friendly.

Project Progress Recording and Reporting:

Regular high quality digital photographs and video shots taken from the same position (and / or aerial) provide an excellent date stamped record of construction progress. This media can used later for such purposes as;

  • assisting with development of building maintenance plans.
  • marketing and promotion for sale or leasing.
  • resolution of construction contract disputes.


Tower Crane Erection, Auckland

Tower Crane Erection, Auckland

Tower Crane Erection, Auckland

New School Interior Work

New School Interior Work

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